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The Ultimate Mission Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

When tribulations face us in life, faith can help a lot as it provides refuge and also strengthens an individual’s heart with the hope of better days to come. In fact, this is the ultimate mission of God. Believing in God is something that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands all too well. Besides, it makes more sense when he chooses God as the path of light in his life. Chris Oyakhilome is a devoted man of God who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His effort, and endless dedication to the work of spreading the gospel, is demonstrated by the legacy that he has been able to create for himself. Tirelessly working to spread the message of Christ the Savior, is a burden that Pastor Chris has placed upon himself. Moreover, he surges on without fear or remorse of the actions he undertakes in the process of spreading the gospel.…

Amateur Photographers Discover an Appealing Middle Ground Between DSLR and Smartphone

Even small digital cameras today can capture and produce beautiful, detailed pictures. The cameras built into many high-end phones turn out crisp, colorful images while themselves only taking up a small part of even a relatively compact handset. For photographers who are looking to produce even more impressive results, though, stepping up in size can certainly be worthwhile. A larger camera lens and image sensing unit, after all, can capture even more of the light that produces pictures, enabling an even higher level of quality.

That fact leads many dedicated amateur photographers to look into digital single-lens reflex, or DSLR, cameras, and some do like what they discover. While a high quality DSLR will normally be able to produce pictures that no smartphone could match, however, it will inevitably do so at a significant cost. Beyond the financial investment required to buy a DSLR, many find that the sheer size …

Important topics for VITEEE preparation

Are you worried about where to study after your 12th? Which university to take admission? Well, this question arises in every student as well as parents mind. Among the most prestigious Private Universities for Engineering is considered to be the VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology). The private University conducts an entrance exam called VITEEE every year in the month of April for the students who wish to take admission. But many of students won’t be knowing what they need to study to crack VITEE examination. Worry not; here we bring to you some of the important topics/ Chapters from the syllabus to go through.

Exam Pattern for VITEEE

There are majorly four subjects Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology. Those opting for Mathematics will attend Maths, Physics and Chemistry and those opting for Biology would attend Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. A total of 120 questions would be there with the time …