A Brief History of Aprons

Kitchen Aprons: What you Should Know

Most probably you have been able to remember a time wherein when your grandmother is home she is wearing a kitchen apron at all times. Considered as a simple but still an important part of the wardrobe of the women is how the kitchen aprons were perceived in the earlier times.

There was one thing in mind when the kitchen aprons were designed. To be able to make sure that your wardrobe was kept clean while you took care of the children and while cleaning is what was kept in mind. It was as a matter of fact for how many centuries that the women of the middle class had both limited and small wardrobe. Furthermore, the kitchen aprons were considered to be very important among the women that belonged in the lower middle class. The kitchen aprons were however not worn by the wealthy women. The reason as to why the wealthy women did not wear one was because they could hire staff. It was actually the staff that was the ones who wore the kitchen aprons.

One of the many amazing things about the lower and middle class is that they did not waste anything. The kitchen aprons that these women had did not have any style but are very much practical and some were even made out of feed sack. The kitchen aprons that you saw with brightly colored fabrics, buttons and rick racks were only seen or added at a later time.
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The women that wore kitchen aprons during the day were already showcased in a lot of magazine ads. The kitchen aprons that women wore at this times was also changed because they were now cinched to their waist. One of the many things that you also need to know about these kinds of kitchen aprons is that they were not only sheer but they are also beautifully embroidered. Most of the time you will be able to find kitchen aprons in flea markets, vintage catalogs and the internet.
Why People Think Smocks Are A Good Idea

When the 60s rolled in, you would find on the kitchen aprons cute little sayings. These were the kinds of sayings that described the cook. For others, they considered these kinds of kitchen aprons as a perfect gift for the people they love. These kitchen aprons were also being given to the men since this was also the time that they started to cook at their respective backyards.

It is for sure that during your economics class before you were able to make your first kitchen apron. There might have also been a time wherein you begged so hard your mom so that you will be able to make use of the sewing machine. You have to be able to make use of the sewing machine so that your first project may be completed already which is none other than the kitchen apron.