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Design Elements of Cool Websites and Apps What are the essential features of cool websites and apps? How do the pros come up with out of this world websites and web apps? The best websites and apps are sensitive to what the content user wants, choose and use the right design elements, and are accessible to all devices whether it is a small screen smart phone or a wide screen TV. The field of web design and development has entered a new era which is more authoritative, cutting-edge and succinct. By checking a number of present-day website or web app, one can effortlessly recognize a host of design elements that are also carried by every other website. This article will take a look at the prevailing design details that redefine the coolness of a website or app. Of course, not every design element is pertinent to every website and one has to figure out what to include and what to leave out depending on the needs of the project. Addition of ghost button
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Hardly seen three years ago, the ghost button can be found all over the web now as a very important design component. Any modern website is deemed inadequate if it does not have ghost buttons that strongly motivate users into action.
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Use of special typography The use of a standard font, size and color for every website and web app is no longer being followed. Inspired and exclusively styled typography is the in thing. The web’s look has improved by leaps and bounds including the fonts used. Typography has become a very important factor in web design planning and is no longer taken for granted. Arrangement of ribbons Ribbons are not a new innovation but they are now more creative and prevalent compared to their predecessors. They are being used to draw attention to the most important text on the webpage and to hold the fleeting interest of the viewer. To announce the deal of the month, a ribbon is positioned at the bottom right corner or at the top right corner. Application of background patterns Putting texture and subtle designs in the background was frowned upon the last five years or so but it is making a comeback. The markings in the background have become a differentiating ingredient of many present-day websites that are appealing to the eye. Mobilization of bold colors One can hardly see anymore the dull grays and navy blues in present-day websites. The web has become audacious, glossy and colorful. The release of operating systems that use bold colors unleashed the resplendent side of web design elements. There is an emphasis on utilizing lively and bold colors as primary colors of websites and web apps. The cool, new look of the web is here to stay for a while.