Cleanest village in Bali

Well this time I would like to share an article about Penglipuran Bali, which became one of the traditional villages in Bali which has a uniqueness and beauty that make you will be amazed.

This Penglipuran indigenous villages visited by many tourists both locally and abroad. The ultimate goal is to better understand the culture of Bali as a whole, it is because the traditional village is very thick at all with the cultures of Bali. if you want to visit these places you can buy travel tickets in lovina beach bali

For those who are bored with a holiday in Bali such as the beach or natural attractions, Penglipuran Bali this you can make a solution to remove your boredom, because once it gets there you are instantly greeted with a quiet and comfortable, as well as local wisdom were very friendly and hearted.

Before discussing further, we see the first history Penglipuran. Here’s his explanation:

According to locals, said Penglipuran itself is taken from the word meaning Pengeling Pura sacred place in memory of the ancestors. Yes the people there are very upholds the mandate of the first ancestors ancestry. A characteristic that is very apparent from this village is of traditional architecture which on average have the same shape that forms the roof and also the layout of the room.

Perhaps the goal is to get closer to his fellow citizens so that they stay awake together, in addition they also have the concept blends with natural atmosphere.

Penglipuran is one of the traditional villages in Bali is located in Kubu Village, District Bangli, Bangli regency which has been awarded the Kalpataru of government. Understanding kalpataru itself is an award given to an individual or group for his contribution in preserving the environment in Indonesia.

In addition to their award-kalpataru, this village also received the title as an official tourist village of Bangli in 1955, since this village that began much visited by tourists until now.

Bali atmosphere very thick at all in Penglipuran this. Harmony, togetherness and hospitality of local residents make the visitors feel comfortable when in this village. The people also do not mind to help visitors.

The uniqueness Penglipuran Bali


Things of the village’s unique governance are highly visible village hall. Upgrading the north there is a temple which is located higher than their traditional house. While the central part of the village, there are homes.

Tourism Village has an area of ​​112 hectares of which 40{dffd3b2e76342d32b1e708c0e17f6b21be2535f9b4696785cde339bce499eb72} is used as land for bamboo forest. The village is inhabited by about 226 families who mostly work as farmers, artisans bamboo and animal husbandry.

There is a very wide field of bamboo, however, residents should not be arbitrary in cutting down the bamboo trees, must request permission from community leaders around.