Great Location and Great Deal on Rent

Me and a buddy started looking online for apartments in Newport News VA after I had a run in with my parents. They’ve always been strict parents and now that I’m out of high school they’ve been making a lot of noise about getting me out of the house and into my own place. I actually couldn’t wait to get out, but money was a real problem. I’ve got a couple of jobs and even that isn’t enough to cover the cost of rent, transportation to and from work, groceries, and all the other things you need to make it on your own.

Fortunately my buddy piped up and said he’d go in on an apartment with me after I was telling him about my woes. I hadn’t really thought about living with a room mate, so it came as a pleasant surprise. We went from not even thinking about getting a place to sitting in front of a computer looking for an apartment nearby. We needed a place with a good location and within easy driving distance to our places of employment. A bus stop nearby was also something we considered to be important.

In no time at all we found an apartment complex that looked like a real gem. The pictures of the units were intriguing and it seemed like the location would work better than any other place. When we went over it was a relief to discover that they didn’t have a problem at all with room mates renting a place. They said it happens all the time and as long as the rent gets paid no one has an issue with it. As for the rent, it’s so reasonable that both of us will have money left over for emergencies and savings. We can’t wait to move in together.