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Professional Ways of Treating Your Lawns Greens in holiday season do not get the care that they should get. Many people mostly use this time to enjoy themselves. The yards in such a time starts thriving. The problems that affect them starts to show up. It can result to stress and poor health of the lawns. Adoption of these several practices will enable your lawns to cross the hot summer season with little or no problems. First, ensure that your lawns are properly watered. The hot summer season is meaning a lot of water is lost through evaporation. The watering of the turf will help it to sink its roots deeper in the soil profile level where evaporation do not occur. This will help the plant to get moisture for itself when you don’t regularly water them. The hot conditions will not affect the lawn because it is drought resistant. The turf can be trained to deepen their roots only by watering them when its leaves show signs of withering. You should ensure it get enough water It is also important to apply fertilizers during the spring. This will in a great way help your lawns to be healthy in the following summer season. The fertilizer that you apply in spring will still be beneficial in winter. Fertilization should be done earlier before the two severe seasons The lawns acquire nutrients from the fertilizer which helps it to grow healthy.
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In this season, you should also ensure that the lawn is mowed. The reason to do mowing is that it helps in reducing water loss through evaporation. If the plant is long and healthy, reducing it to a short height is good. The height of the weak turf should be a bit longer. The leaves usually offer a shade which will cover the soil thereby minimizing evaporation. Recycling the lawn clippings could be a helpful exercise. The recycled clips not only do they prevent water loss through evaporation but also provide essential nutrients to the other lawns. This will help you to avoid the cost of buying fertilizer.
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Another thing that you should ensure is that your lawn is pest and weed free. The plant should be sprayed any chemical just before the summer begins. Spraying should be done in spring when the weather is a bit mild. The pesticides and weed control chemicals are effective in mild conditions. Doing all these things can be at times difficult because of time, you should therefore consider hiring the services of a professional who knows how to take care of lawns.