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How to Select a new Bike

When it comes to choosing a new bike, it is not a simple task. In recent times, the sport of biking has revolutionized. There have been technological advances, as well as the development of new material in bike construction, which makes for extensive choices, apart from bike size. This makes purchasing a new bike a tough decision. Choosing well means you will be content for a long time, whereas choosing poorly will mean an immediate loss. Find out about certain things.

The places you will be riding on the most will influence your choice. It may be for heavy trail use, or light commuting purposes. Keep in mind, there are two categories of bikes, that is road and mountain bikes. Road bikes are manufactured from light materials and are meant for speed. They are meant to be used by performance oriented people due to their aerodynamic body style. They have narrow and smooth tires for precision on paved roads. They work well for exercise purposes or light weekend use. Mountain bikes manage to function on dirt trails and rocky terrain due to their suspension setups. You may ride them on paved roads but with difficulty, from their bulk, and thick heavy wheels which have large threads. Of the two types, pick accordingly. A hybrid bike presents the best of both worlds, as it has speed and rugged versatility.

Bikes come in diverse prices, from costing s few hundreds, to heavy spending in terms of tens of thousands. When budgeting for your new bike, aim to spend within your budget. Keep in mind though, the kind of use you intend to make of the bike. Should you be interested in trail riding, you will have to invest in a good mountain bike. This may be more costly, but a worthy investment. If you intend to do light biking, do not spend a lot.
Your choice of parts matters. For mountain climbing, select one with a low gear range. Hard trail and full are the suspension setups. full suspension setups are for heavy mountain biking, while hard trail works for minimal camping needs. For frequent campers, fitting disc-brakes will work better for any weather conditions, as opposed to the traditional v-brake system.

The choice of seat to fit is also important. In normal conditions, a padded, pillow top saddle is all that is required. But for extreme mountaineering, a gel padding is necessary, as it molds to your body to absorb shock, aiding in overall rising comfort. Select the saddle that will protect your bottom adequately.

Select a bike frame that is proportional to your body size. You will be comfortable and in control when you ride. Make use of bike sizing charts, which will compare your body height with bike size, to come up with the right fit.

How you choose other camping equipment is the same way you need to invest your time when selecting a bike. No matter where you intend to use your bike and for how long, you need to choose well.

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