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Transforming Business through Technology Digital transformation is all about associating the human invention of technology to human activity. From understanding the phases of accepting digital technologies, digital transformation can be understood as the last step of the three step process: digital competence, digital literacy and lastly digital transformation. These steps all have one thing in common, they support digital usage being the best way to transform a domain rather than using traditional methods that have been worn-out and unsustainable. From 30 years ago up to this day, computers have already been used for businesses. Fast forward to our modern age, we now live in a world where computers of the past are less powerful than our mobile devices of the present, and it is clear that we now live in an age where the evolution of technology is no longer an option Most, if not all, of the C-Levels in corporations have been seeing a very noticeable pattern with the strength of digital transformation. From the gathered information, they have understood that even the most established of companies may just lose their business without the proper application of digital transformation. One of their most feared examples is Kodak, which although is growing well in our modern age, failed to implement opportunities the previous era where opportunity was only for the most prominent businesses. Every business has to start somewhere, and although digital transformation may very well be the best step, is it enough to save a business?
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All aspects of a business such as marketing, finances, sales and manufacturing should all be tackled by digital transformation if a company wants to do it right. If digital transformation is as effective as used within a business, the results would already show how workers would be able to work more comfortably and efficiently by being able to work anytime and anywhere they choose to.
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Digital transformation takes time and planning one step at a time for it to work as effectively as possible. And yet, can anyone imagine this change to be approached without affecting the entirety of the business? By that, meaning without changing the ideals of each member of the team into having the same mindset focused on the digital understanding? Rather than seeing this as only a topic of digital transformation, it should be on a wider scope which is the main objective on its own which is “Business Transformation”. In order for digital transformation to truly work, it does need the business to play its role with good leadership from the upper executives of the company, a healthy mindset of every member, and proper and educational planning from the developing business team.