Practical and Helpful Tips: Lawns

The Best Ways to Irrigate Your Lawn It is common to find many homeowners manually conduct irrigation since they think sprinkler system uses a lot of water. The progress in technology makes it possible for the home owners to go for some water saving and thus convenient modes of irrigation to use. Sprinkler irrigation is one of the preferred means of irrigating your lawn. When conducting irrigation, sprinkler type should be considered. The in ground sprinklers is the preferred way to irrigate your grass. Sprinkler irrigation proves the most efficient when it comes to yard maintenance. Those who are installed permanently also aids in increasing the resale value of your home. It is suggested that you go for the pulsating sprinklers if you don’t have the in ground one. Your lawn should be equally wetted. The need to wet your lawn evenly requires that you work hand in hand with a professional who will be able to install and test the sprinkler system. The homeowner can also conduct this by placing containers around the yard and turning on the system. After a series of sprinkling, the amount of water in the tank should be checked, and any water addition made on them. It saves water when you sprinkle water indiscriminately.
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Watering aids slowly in efficient absorption. You need to think of watering your grass in advance. The watering of your lawn may take some longer depending on the size of your lawn, conducting the watering process in haste is discouraged. Enough water absorption into the ground can be permitted by slow irrigation process. Run off is always caused by quick irrigation process. One needs to divide the yards into different sections, after that conduct the sprinkling per section if the best irrigation process is to be realized. The settling of water in the soil is assured this way.
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Regular sprinkling is very crucial. During dry spell, one is advised to wet the lawn once after three days. The highest irrigation during dry month permits sufficient water absorption of water by the grass roots resulting into a stable and healthy lawn. However, daily irrigation should be discouraged as it inhibits the growth of roots. Irrigation should be carried out in such a manner that water penetrates six inches’ underground. Irrigation should be conducted in the morning hours. This seems to be the best time because of the cool weather. Watering during these times allows for the thorough soaking of water in the soil. This is also important since it allows water to dry out before the morning sun comes out.