Short Course on Relationships – Getting to Square 1

Couple’s Manual to a Happy Relationship.

Finally your relationship has reached that stage of moving into the same house with your spouse. Only to come to the reality that their lives will no longer be the same. You realize that you have to learn to accommodate your spouse in your house. In additions for key decision the couple have to agree. Young couples are more likely to fight more. Some of the things make young couple fight are.

You being seeing faults in your partner and you avoid them. That relationship sparkle begins to darken. When you were dating, you used to enjoy spending time together so much. Early days of moving in together couples lose interest in their partners. Communication between couples becomes bothersome.

Your house expenses increase especially if your partner is dependent on you. Couples house expenses going growing as they form a family by having kids. Many couples moving in without sharing the responsibilities of bearing the different cost. Many people believe that the male partner should carry all the home expenses and the female should only contribute to other household chores.
You fight more frequently than when you were dating. When dating couples tend to be blind on their lover shortcomings. This will result to them arguing intensely when they settle in together. Performance of home tasks is another cause of conflict for new couples. Partners are yet to establish which roles and responsibilities they will be undertaking in their new home. By doing different house duties together couples will strengthen their relationship. Another the cause of argument can be the house furniture and other accessories.
Some of the remedies that partners can try before seeking professional counseling includes.

Young couples are encouraged to be absent for some time from their spouse. Partners should spend time away from each other by visiting friends and relatives. This will rekindle the romance in their relationship.

Learning to speak well and listen actively is also known to be a remedy to settling in together. Poor communication has been describing to be a key cause of arguments. Couples should learn how to communicate better. Especially by learning to listen keenly to their partners. Another skill that young couples should have is exercising tolerance with their partners.

It is difficult to ensure satisfaction in a relationship. This is evident by the increasing number of divorces nowadays. When getting into a relationship it is important to be prepared mentally for hard times. It is important to acknowledge that your partner is also struggling to live with you, so learn to see the best in them. The aim of this training is to equip couples with skill to handle marital problems and have a happy relationship.