Take the Angst out of Student’s Homework

As parents we are watching a generation of kids being robbed of, well, being kids. The onslaught on homework, testing expectations and the amount of time required outside of the classroom has become overwhelming. Throw in afterschool activities and sports, and we’re raising a generation of kids who aren’t using their imagination, learning how to thrive in down time and are accustomed to constant momentum. As it stands, parents and students don’t have a choice. Every system and institution is slow to change. While that mountain is being moved, commit to taking as much stress out of the homework process as possible. Studies have shown that one of the most effective ways to minimize stress is through routine and continuity. Follow these recommendations from the professionals to ensure your child conquers the homework beast.

Depending on the age of your student, designate an area away from the main living area as a homework and study zone. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and invest in a table or desk from Sears that will last for years to come. Establish a routine where during dinner preparation, your student is getting a head start on the evening’s homework. Often, for younger students especially, breaking homework up into two sessions can increase productivity and comprehension as well as reduce stress.

Resist the temptation to hover and provide too much guidance. One of the positive aspects of home work is the development of independent problem solving skills. It will always be easier to ask than tackle a question alone. Many adults take this path with limited success. Encourage and be available, but remind yourself that this is your child’s responsibility. It you have a positive and calm attitude; it will carry over to your student.

Be sure to carve out family time each day. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate. Just sitting down to a simple meal together as a family will increase bonds, comfort levels, trust and cohesion. Good luck and don’t take it too seriously. The world is ruled by students and adults of strong character  they might have been C students.