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The Great Benefits of Baby Massage

Many cultures have used massage as a part of baby care for a long period. Researches have shown that massage is a crucial part of a baby’s life since it helps us understand and respond to your baby’s body language.

Baby massage is a process which involves simultaneous rubbing and stroking of the baby’s muscles and extremities in a specially designed way. Baby massage services are available in many hospitals and clinics but the best choice of a baby massage is one conducted by a parent or a guardian. However, baby massage services can be provided by medical specialists if they are confined in the hospital.

The benefits accrued from baby massage applies to both the mother and the baby. The sense of touch is the first form of communication for babies. As such, baby massage helps mothers understand the needs of the baby and also in multiplying the bond between mother and baby. Researches have shown that touch therapy helps to trigger physiological changes which are crucial in ensuring faster growth and development in babies.

Categorization of benefits of baby massage therapy can be done into two major groups which include the benefits for the mother and the benefits for the baby. The benefits of baby massage therapy to the baby may include smoother transition from the womb to the outside world. In addition, baby massage keeps the baby in a relaxed mode and also boosts their immunity. Another benefit of baby massage is that it helps to reduce the production of stress hormone and therefore the baby can sleep sounder and longer.

Some of the benefits that parents may accrue from baby massage include great improvement of mother-baby communication as well as a good understanding and proper response to the baby’s non verbal communication. Besides, it promotes competence and confidence in the way parents cares for and handles their baby.

Babies who have been properly breast fed, held, carried and massages have been known to grow into peaceful adults. In addition they are more cooperative and compassionate. Besides, for mothers who have had postpartum depression, baby massage have helped to greatly improve their condition.

Baby massage is more effective if done in the morning , after bath or before bedtime. It should be done on a routine schedule, and you should not be in a hurry when doing baby massage. Ensure that the room is warm and the lighting in the room is not very bright to so that the baby does not squint.

It is recommended that you use oils such as grape seed or sweet almond oil when massaging the baby. The use of a thick towel when doing massage is recommended to allow for easy movements.

Nonetheless, there are some negative effects of baby massage but the benefits outweigh them.

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