The Essentials of Options – Revisited

Two sides of the same coin Fear and Faith

Life is simply a field that is characterized by struggle. The Villains are not always those that we can see. The defense that we have may be weak and the aspect of winning being almost impossible. There is often a lot on the line. Often more than not people shy away from the enemy . They think that other individuals are in a better position than them to deal with those matters. They even have a name for them, heroes. What they do not know Is that even those people experience fear though they do not use it as an excuse. They have burned the bridges and refused to look backwards. They have purposed to live in a certain way regardless of what they are bound to experience. Just like that they become heroes as they counterparts watch with admiration as they make a way through the mountain of life. Finally they manage to come through the other side stronger and everyone muses at this well formed creatures terming them more important and above all brave.

While it is important to celebrate them we must not ignore our own quests. Most people who happen to own their own businesses are familiar with the struggle. Many who work for others may view their counterparts as better placed. There may be a lot more struggle involved that they may not be familiar with. Nothing that is of essence comes from a good place it often has to be subjected to a series of unpleasant events to obtain the glow. Being true to oneself is key. The destination that you want to arrive at must be at the bank of your mind. If you opt to dismiss this fact the chances of achieving anything will be deemed as you may lose focus in course.

Fear serves to make the problems seem much bigger than they actually are. It makes a pond seem like an ocean . We may not be able to do anything about fear but there is always someway around it. Focusing on that which we want to achieve rather than that which we can see will come in handy. The very act of making this decision will allow us to make the progress that we very much aspire.

If there was ever a weapon strong enough to conquer our fear it would have to be faith. Faith being a perception of something believed rather than that which is seen. Our thoughts make it possible. It is not realistic to have positive thoughts all the time but very much possible to view even the negative things as opportunities. The mind is powerful and can sustain our ambitions to get to the destination we have in mind and it requires constant affirmation.