The Pros and Cons of Using the Same Class Teacher for Most Subjects

Some schools may use the same class teacher for many of your children’s lessons whilst others may not. There are many benefits and some disadvantages of using the same teacher for many subjects, but there are many schools that praise themselves for doing this. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the same class teacher for most school subjects.

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The Pros of Using the Same Class Teacher

Using the same class teacher can give children consistency. School can be a hard place for young children and if they are constantly meeting new teachers, this can cause them to have a lack of confidence until they have met them enough and feel they can open up. For those children who are shy or who have a learning disability, this can be a real problem. Having the same teacher ensures that the children can get to know their teacher and feel comfortable answering questions and raising concerns. This also means that their style of teaching will be consistent throughout, which is good for younger children who are just beginning to learn. An example of where this approach works is Bangkok prep international school who use the same teacher for most subjects to give children a firm base.

The Cons of Using the Same Class Teacher

Using the same class teacher may mean they are a jack of all trades. This means they know all the subjects that they are teaching, but none of them in depth, as a teacher trained in that subject would. This can be a con, but with younger children learning just the basics of a subject, the teacher does not need an in-depth knowledge of each subject. If for some reason your child does not get on with their teacher, this may be when a problem arises. This can often be sorted by going in and speaking to your child’s teacher, as it may be that they have been misbehaving in class and they do not like their teacher as they have been telling them off. There are often underlying causes to why a child may not like their teacher, and often this can be resolved once you get both sides of the story.

Which Is Best?

For younger children, consistency is key. Children like a routine as it helps them feel safe and with learning, it can help them to develop and grow. The same teacher can bring the same consistency in learning and give the same learning style within each subject. They may not be an expert in any one field, but they are not expecting your children to be either. Having the same teacher means that teacher can see your child every day and they will know your child inside out. This means they can pick up and notice any problems they may be having and can support them much better than a teacher who sees your child once or twice a week.

Using the same class teacher has more pros than cons, especially with younger children. Consistency is key for a child’s happiness and development.