The Ultimate Mission Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

When tribulations face us in life, faith can help a lot as it provides refuge and also strengthens an individual’s heart with the hope of better days to come. In fact, this is the ultimate mission of God. Believing in God is something that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome understands all too well. Besides, it makes more sense when he chooses God as the path of light in his life. Chris Oyakhilome is a devoted man of God who was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. His effort, and endless dedication to the work of spreading the gospel, is demonstrated by the legacy that he has been able to create for himself. Tirelessly working to spread the message of Christ the Savior, is a burden that Pastor Chris has placed upon himself. Moreover, he surges on without fear or remorse of the actions he undertakes in the process of spreading the gospel.


Christ Embassy Ministry, also known as Love World, is the main church in Lagos which was commenced by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome back in 1990. Through the years, Chris Oyakhilome has ministered in the church. Surprisingly, it has ended up growing beyond the borders of Nigeria to several branches all over the world. At the moment, the church has a congregation of about 40,000 people in Lagos only and over 1 million members globally. Getting more people to believe in God is Pastor Chris ultimate mission, and he does not shy away from accomplishing what God has asked him to perform.


In the 21st century, the world has become very progressive. As a result, Pastor Chris has made a point of digitizing his sermons to get hold of a wider target audience through TV stations and the internet. What other better way would have been used to accomplish such a plan than using television as a channel, for reaching out to the congregation all over the world? With effect to this, the Christ Embassy Ministry currently associates itself with various TV stations namely; World SAT, Love World TV, Love World Plus, and the latest addition to this collection of television channels being Love World USA. Love World USA television station was started in conjunction with the well-renowned Pastor Benny Hinn, who is a preacher based in the United Stated of America. Love World USA is located in the heart of California and for those who cannot access it directly on their television sets, they can be able to view the various programs that are aired through the internet.


By using the internet, Pastor Chris inevitably manages to spread the Gospel of Christ far and wide. Hence, ensuring that more people can listen and understand the word of God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome works with other pastors all over the world who share the same ideals in the ministry. They include personalities such as; Marilyn Hickey, Kenneth Copeland, Guillermo Maldonado, and Rod Parsley. Chris Oyakhilome believes that by airing special programs on Love World TV station, the presence and power of God will be experienced, and more people will end up being compelled to believe in the existence of Jesus Christ.